14 Danish Desserts (+ Best Recipes) (2024)

These Danish desserts are easy-to-make and give you an authentic culinary experience!

From cookies to festive pastries and morning coffee cakes, these treats can’t be beat!

14 Danish Desserts (+ Best Recipes) (1)


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Given that the Danish pastry is one of the most well-known and beloved in the pastry world, it stands to reason that all Danish desserts are worth making!

And they definitely don’t disappoint.

One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t use sugar in the same proportions as we do.

Some of their desserts won’t be as sweet as you’re used to, but they’re delicious, all the same.

These 14 Danish desserts offer something for every occasion and craving, plus, the recipes are so simple. Enjoy!

1. Old-fashioned Danish Apple Cake

I know it’s called apple cake, but this recipe is actually more of a cold apple pie parfait.

You will need layers of cold apple filling made by boiling chopped apples with water, vanilla, and sugar.

The crumb is made with breadcrumbs for a crunchier texture. However, you could add some oats if you want something chewier.

The final element is Danish macaroons, which are not the coconut cookies we all know and love.

These cookies are light, almond cookies made in a similar way to French macarons.

Though you could substitute any good almond cookies, why not try making them yourself?

2. Lagkage (Danish Layer Cake)

One thing you’ll notice about our Scandinavian friends is that they love their cakes! But they don’t usually cover them with frosting.

Instead, they like pastry cream, a variety of jams, and whipped cream.


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This cake incorporates each of these, plus a wonderfully light yellow cake.

Keep it traditional with apricot and berry jams, or go a little crazy with something fun!

I think blueberry jam and lemon curd would make a fantastic alternative.

3. Kanelstang (Danish Cinnamon Twist)

There’s not a country on the planet (probably) that doesn’t have some kind of cinnamon pastry they’re proud of.

Just the smell of it as it bakes is enough to have me waiting in the kitchen.

I especially love this recipe because it calls for cardamom in the sweet dough.

It also has a layer of vanilla glaze in with the cinnamon that takes this classic to a whole other level.

4. Aebleskiver (Danish Pancake Balls)

Almost all European Christmas markets will have a stall dedicated to these little bites.

They’ll have a large flat top full of holes to pour the batter into, making hundreds a day.

All you need is one small Aebleskiver pan to re-create the experience at home.

Dust with powdered sugar and drizzle with Nutella for the ultimate Danish adventure.

5. Kransekage (Danish Almond Cake)

One of my favorite holiday recipes, this takes a little time but is so worth it in the end.

Made with just four ingredients, this almond tower is quite the show-stopper.

Since you’re already taking the time to make this tower, why not go all in and try to make some marzipan at home?

I love the classic white icing, which I finish with gold and silver sprinkles.

6. Risengrød (Danish Rice Pudding)

Usually reserved for the holidays, this creamy dish gets upgraded on Christmas Eve with extra vanilla, whipped cream, and almonds.

This recipe uses short-grain rice, which gets boiled with milk, water, and salt.

The sweetness comes from the cinnamon sugar that’s sprinkled over the top.

If you like your rice pudding on the sweeter side, feel free to add some sugar to the mix, or try using evaporated milk for a creamier finish.

7. Brunsviger (Danish Coffee Cake)

This cake is essentially a sweet focaccia covered in caramel.

Once you’ve made your brioche-like dough, it will need to rest before you put it into the baking dish.

Press the dough in like a pizza or focaccia dough and leave it to rise again.

Then you’ll press into the top to create dents and holes all over into which an amazing caramel sauce gets poured.

Everything bakes together, allowing the caramel to seep into the dough and bubble up on top.

8. Almond Shortbread Cookies

Buttery, crisp, crumbly, and full of almond flavor, you’ll make these irresistible little cookies a lot once you taste them!

The key to the texture is to cream the butter and sugar very well, for at least five minutes.

Add the dry ingredients in slowly and stop mixing as soon as it’s all incorporated.

I like to keep mine thick, to get that crisp edge with the softer middle.

But if you like your cookies crunchy, simply roll them a little thinner.

9. Brunkager (Danish Christmas Cookies)

Christmas is truly the season of cookies.

I’ve already made each of the cookies on this list, and I’m always looking for more!

What I love about European cookies is the spice.

They tend not to be overly sweet, which means I can eat more in one sitting.

Once you have your dough together, it’s as simple as rolling it into a log and slicing off the cookies to bake.

Store any extra dough (not that you’ll have any) in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready for more.

10. Brombærsnitter (Danish Blackberry Cakes)

These beautiful treats are buttery and full of tart blackberry jam.

The “cake” is actually enriched shortbread that gets made up and rolled into thin sheets.

Once baked, they get sandwiched together with blackberry jam and topped with a thick layer of sweet icing.

As they sit, the biscuit will soften slightly, making it just the right texture to cut into perfect slices.

The freeze-dried berries make for such a nice topping, though some chocolate stripes would be a gorgeous finish.

11. Traditional Glogg Recipe

It’s strange that any other month of the year, hot wine is such a crazy concept.

But with the cold, wet, dark weather upon us, there’s nothing like a mug of warm, spiced mulled wine to get you through.

I really would recommend following the recipe for this one, as everything brings a little something to the end result.

The cardamom is especially delicious and adds something special that you can’t get from cinnamon.

12. Chocolate Dipped Danish Butter Cookies

These cookies are so tender; they practically melt in your mouth.

What is more or less a shortbread base, this recipe is much softer than your standard dough.

In fact, it’s so soft; it has to be piped.

You’ll want to bake these just until they’re set. Keep an eye on them and don’t wait for them to turn golden.

Keeping them pale will ensure the most crumbly texture.

13. Rødgrød Med Fløde (Danish Red Berry Pudding)

As I mentioned before, the Danish love their sweet treats.

But in the same way they don’t add a ton of sweet frosting, they don’t add a lot of sugar either.

This recipe uses very tart red berries and potato starch to make an almost pie-like filling.

Once cooled, it gets topped with a simple whipped cream.

14. Danish Oatmeal Cookies

Another shortbread-like cookie, this recipe uses powdered sugar in the dough, along with oatmeal and pecans.

Once everything is combined, the dough gets dropped onto baking sheets and baked.

During the bake, these cookies will spread to make a wonderfully chewy, nutty cookie with a nice crisp edge.

14 Danish Desserts (+ Best Recipes) (2)

14 Best Danish Dessert Recipe Collection

These Danish desserts are easy-to-make and give you an authentic culinary experience! From cookies to festive pastries and morning coffee cakes, these Danish treats can’t be beat!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Danish treat in 30 minutes or less!
14 Danish Desserts (+ Best Recipes) (3)

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14 Danish Desserts (+ Best Recipes) (2024)


What is the most famous dessert in Denmark? ›

The Brunsviger

The most mouth-watering of all Danish delicacies, the brunsviger is a cake of crater-filled dough, drizzled by a thick layer of brown sugar and butter. This delicious concoction of sugar and fat soaks into the spongey cake, making for a delicious, moreish and sticky teatime snack.

What is the most popular Danish pastry? ›

Specifically, the famous Danish pastry wienerbrød was first developed by Austrian bakers who immigrated to Denmark during a worker's strike. Other European desserts, such as profiteroles and riz à l'impératrice, have inspired the development of Danish desserts.

What is the Danish dessert tongue twister? ›

"Øøøøø." "Euurrhhhh." He chuckled and came back with a dinner-plate-sized bowl of a mysterious red pudding, over which he poured a healthy pitcherful of heavy cream. The name of the dessert, rødgrød med fløde, literally translates to "red porridge with cream," which is descriptively precise.

What is the king of Denmark sweets? ›

Kongen af Danmark (Danish for "King of Denmark") is a type of hard candy with an aniseed flavour. The candy was previously eaten as a cure for cough and for general "chest pains". Kongen af Danmark candy. The candy is marketed in Sweden by Karamellpojkarna as "Kungen av Danmark".

What is Denmark's most famous dish? ›

Denmark's national food dish: Stegt flæsk

The crispy pork with parsley sauce and potatoes is a very old dish that has won the hearts, and tummies, of Danes for centuries. You can try the Danes' national dish in many restaurants around Denmark.

What is a zillionaire dessert? ›

And Zillionaire may be our finest work yet. The surprise of bronzed sugar. Followed by smooth, rich double chocolate ganache. Then sumptuous treacle cheesecake, floating on a buttery salted caramel, draped over a cocoa biscuit base.

What is the most healthiest dessert in the world? ›

Healthier Desserts
  • Berries and Cream. 1/12. It's a classic combo. ...
  • Frozen Fruit Bars. 2/12. Some store-bought brands offer low-calorie, lower-sugar options. ...
  • Dark Chocolate. 3/12. ...
  • Yogurt Parfait. 4/12. ...
  • Oat Apple Crisp. 5/12. ...
  • Fruit and Cheese. 6/12. ...
  • Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas. 7/12. ...
  • Nut Bar. 8/12.
Dec 1, 2022

What are Danish pastries called? ›

Typical Danish pastries include a snegl, a cinnamon roll-style pastry, a spandauer, a pastry with a dab of custard cream in the middle (you probably know this as a 'Danish pastry'), and a tebirkes, a pastry with remonce in the middle and poppy seeds all over the top.

How do you say red porridge with cream in Danish? ›

🇩🇰 Rødgrød med Fløde ….. and here we are again with difficult to pronounce foods! This traditional Danish dessert, which translates as Red Porridge with Cream, is one that I dug out from my childhood years in Denmark.

What is the Danish soft D tongue twister? ›

The Danish tongue twister "rød grød med fløde" (red fruit jelly with cream) is well suited for learning how to pronounce the soft »d«. Proper pronunciation is vital to verbal communication.

What is the danish dessert? ›

Rødgrød med fløde, red berry pudding with cream, is the hallmark dessert of Denmark. A simple yet delicious dessert, this dish is made with four ingredients—berries, water, sugar, and potato starch or cornstarch—then topped with heavy cream.

What is Denmark's famous chocolate? ›

Anthon Berg's chocolates are so popular that customers form long queues outside his store. To sweeten the wait Anthon Berg and his employees start to hand out small pieces of chocolate with marzipan to the loyal chocolate lovers. Anthon Berg is founded on generosity from the very early days.

Which traditional dessert would be served in Denmark for a festivity? ›

Did you know. The traditional Christmas dessert in Denmark is risalamande (rice pudding) with hot cherry sauce. A peeled almond is hidden somewhere in the serving bowl, and the lucky person who finds the almond in his or her portion gets a small mandelgave (almond gift).

Is Denmark known for ice cream? ›

Whenever you decide to visit Denmark, in any season, anywhere in the country you will definitely find a small kiosk or tent with an “Ice Cream” sign on it. Ice cream is a year-round treat for the Danes, and it is believed among marketers that Denmark is the birthplace of ice cream marketing.


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