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Maybe step 1 shouldn't be to heat the oven, if you have to chill the dough for 2 hours.

Lynda Chitwood

These are just stupid good!! I was a bit short on bacon fat, so I evened it out with butter (just so no Vegan would ever touch them, haha).
I added a bit more ginger, and next time will do even more.
I saw someone else's note about using cardamom so I will be doing that too.
Just a deliciously different cookie!! all the other cooks who take the time to share their notes - THANK YOU!! They are all helpful.

Sailing Studio

Made two batches, the first following the recipe, and the second, replacing about half the bacon fat with butter, and adding about a tablespoon of finely diced fresh ginger. Prefer the second batch: the first was amazing, but a little overwhelmed by bacon, and had a slight fatty aftertaste (described by another reviewer). The second had a cleaner, fresher taste, a bit more ginger zing.


I made this recipe for the 2nd time. This time I did the entire recipe by weight instead of volume. In doing so, I felt like I used a lot more of the spices (according to the gram weight in the recipe) than I when I used teaspoons. This may explain why others felt like this needed more spice. Given that it was based on a Swedish recipe, it is possible that the original authors intended for more spice than the volumetric conversion allowed. As with the first time, these cookies were incredible!


I like my gingersnaps spicy. While the cookies were tasty, I thought it could do with more spices. The next time I plan to double amount of spices and add finely grated ginger.


Leave out the salt. The bacon grease already has so much.


These are wonderful! Why do people get so worked up about bacon fat? How is it any better/worse for you than butter?

I doubled the spices, as other posters recommended and they still weren't quite "gingery" enough for us. So I made ginger sugar to foll the dough balls in and...perfection!

To make ginger sugar, peel fresh ginger and blend with granulated sugar. Dry it in a 200' oven for about 20 minutes. blend again to break up any clumps and store in your pantry.


I followed the recipe to the letter, and these were transcendent. The bacon fat gives this subtle saltiness, richness, and, well, meatiness that is truly addicting. Worth the extra step of cooking bacon. Makes BLTs for dinner, and enjoy these luscious cookies for dessert. I refrigerated the cookie dough and was able to enjoy freshly baked cookies for a few days.


I really liked these. Yes, they are high caloric and will probably only make it onto the "MAKE" list during the holidays to share with others. I was surprised how the bacon flavor was in the background. They were the best and simplest gingersnaps I've ever made.


I brought these to a family holiday party - and had relatives guess the secret ingredient. After many guesses, my nephew got it! It took 2 pounds of bacon to make the fat for this recipe, and so worth it. Total yum.


Definitely hanging onto this recipe! Per other reviewers suggestions, I ended up doubling the amount of ground ginger and cinnamon to punch up the spice factor (I left the clove amount as is, since I'm not a big fan of it), also used 1/2 cup of bacon fat, and supplemented the remainder with butter. I could really taste the bacon flavor in the raw batter, but it definitely mellowed out in the cooked result.


It's clear that several bakers are big fans, but my family was not impressed. We have a molasses cookie that they all love, more spicy and without the meat factor, and I'm going to revert to that one. This was kind of flat, flavor wise, and too redolent of meat. I thought -- bacon; what can go wrong? -- but No. I actually tossed them, which, in this household, is almost sacrilege for cookies. Did not like them at all.


I made these with 2/3 duck fat and 1/3 butter. I cut the ground ginger in half and then added about a tbsp of grated fresh ginger. So, so easy and delicious.You get much more fat off of roasting duck, than you do off of bacon, so I recommend it as an alternative. I probably could have added two or three more tablespoons of flour, but even my slightly wetter dough bakes up great.I've frozen the dough, separated into cookie balls, so I can bring fresh cookies to friends all season.


These are amazing and a big hit with everyone who has tried them! And, well-wrapped, they freeze well.


Superb recipe.
Mine turned out flat, crisp and perfect. I am not much of a baker, so I am surprised when my bakes turn out exactly like the recipe photos! The salt is a beautiful balance to the spices. I served them on a plate with a small scoop of ice cream; my guests were delighted.
Thank you for a great recipe!


I really wanted to love these, but I found the bacon flavor to be too much. After eating two or three, I had my fill and didn't crave any more. When I make these again I'll definitely follow the other reviewers' advice and cut some of the bacon fat with regular butter.


These were great, made a few changes:- replaced the 2/3 of the bacon fat with browned butter- doubled all the spices (didn’t have a scale so measure with a spoon)- added a generous tablespoon of grated fresh ginger (hot tip: don’t bother peeling it)- added half a cup of finely chopped candied gingerReally excellent, very spicy!


For a real ginger bump, replace 50g of bacon fat with 15 g squeeze ginger (eg, spice world) and 35 g of butter. Also, pour the bacon fat through cheese cloth before you chill it. Add 3 g ground cardamom if you have it.


Based on others’ comments about mild dpi ones, I doubled all of the spices, following the volumetric measurements, and it wasn’t too much for us. But we like strong tastes, and my spices are not as fresh as ideal either. We love bacon drippings, which I always save and cook with, so that taste was not too strong for us either. I do wish I had not baked mine so long, though. I think the directions led me to leave them in too long, and mine are a bit harder than just ‘crisp’. Will def make again!

Marian V

Step one says to turn on the oven to 350 but later in the recipe, it says to chill for at least two hours. No one really wants to heat the oven two hours ahead of time.

Sarah Willis

I kept some of the dough in the fridge and baked a couple nights later, but this time I turned the oven temp up to 400, didn't roll in sugar and baked for about 9 minutes. 8 minutes would've been perfect but they came out so insanely crispy. This is the way

Mary T

REALLY want to try this recipe but don’t have a food processor. Will this work with my stand mixer?


Why strain the bacon fat? I used exceptional bacon, and left the bacon residue in the fat - yum!

Jean-Marie Simon

These sound weird, but they are fantastic: don't skimp on the bacon fat.


I've been making bacon fat cookies for almost 50 years from an old family recipe from my husband's family. They are not spicy cookies, more similar to a "what is that taste in the background" shortbread cookie. The family eagerly awaits them every year in their Christmas cookie bundle. However. I may make these instead this year and see which one wins. I can't believe I never spiced up my basic recipe! These sound terrific!


Made these today and they were a hit! Will bake them again closer to Christmas!!!


One last note- roll into a log before chilling- cut a press in the sugar, they baked very evenly!!


Disappointed. Way too sweet. Agree that more spice / ginger is needed.A rare miss.


Maybe it's the bacon I used, but these are bacon-forward forsure forsure! Rolled them in Turbinado sugar for extra texture and tried out mixing in some dark chocolate (sans sugar outside) along with extra ground ginger - sugar coating seems to be the winner.


Taste fantastic! But, have now made a few times (freshened up all ingredients) and they do not flatten out like in photo. Any input what could be awry??

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Bacon Fat Gingersnaps Recipe (2024)


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