Best Biology YouTube Channel for Biology Learners (2024)

Biology is one of the basic subjects that everyone must take in school. As YouTube has become a major platform for online education, several excellent channels for Biology have also emerged. In this post from MiniTool Video Converter, we’ll provide you with the best Biology YouTube channel.

#1. Science Communication Lab

Started in 2009, Science Communication Lab has some experts speaking to help students understand the concepts of Biology. At the same time, this channel utilizes high-quality documentary filmmaking to explore the nature of science, the stories of scientists, and the broader impact on society in order to inform the public and educate audiences about what science is and why it matters. Also, this channel has other free YouTube channels:

  • iBiology Career and Professional Development: provide advice and training videos on how to navigate a career in science and beyond.
  • iBiology Techniques: technique-driven videos such as a microscopy course.
  • iBiology Science Stories: stories of discovery and the series “How I became a scientist”.
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#2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides free and world-class education to anyone, anywhere. This channel owns plentiful video sources and the number of videos is more than 8.4K. At the same time, these videos have been translated into dozens of languages.

It is one of the most popular Biology YouTube channels and has over 8.44M subscribers. You can learn high-quality Biology content like Biology foundations, classical genetics, evolutions, molecular genetics, reproduction, cells, energy and transport, and more. Moreover, this channel also covers other subjects, such as Chemistry, Physics, History, Economics, Finance, and many other topics.

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#3. CrashCourse

CrashCourse is full of a series of free courses produced by Hank Green and John Green. Each video is interspersed with a few short stories and jokes to explain a lot of knowledge simply. Started in 2006, CrashCourse has 15.7M subscribers and over 1.5K videos. You can find a playlist called Biology, which will elaborately introduce evolutionary history, molecules, chemical reactions, cell communication, and more.

In addition, these videos not only contain Biology courses but also Botany, Environmental Science, Geography, Zoology, Linguistics, Organic Chemistry, AI, and more. All in all, this channel is a treasure trove to find sources for each subject.

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#4. Bozeman Science

This channel was created by Paul Andersen, who is an educational consultant and YouTube creator. This channel covers a wide range of topics like Physics, Environmental Science, Chemistry, Science, and more, but Biology is an outstanding subject.

In the playlists, you can also find a playlist called Biology like CrashCourse, which includes 76 videos and teaches you DNA fingerprinting, evolution, the digestive system, the immune system, and more knowledge about Biology.

#5. Amoeba Sisters

The mission of Amoeba Sisters is to demystify science with humor and relevance by creating videos, GIFs, comics, and resources. You can find some Biology videos about advanced Biology concepts, cell division, heredity, body systems, classification, and evolutions. This channel is one of the best YouTube channels for Biology and is for everyone wanting to learn Biology.

The most special point of this channel is the combination of two adorable amoebas and real Biology information to make interesting animations. This makes Amoeba Sisters become one of the best Biology YouTube channels.

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#6. Shomu’s Biology

Shomu’s Biology is designed to help millions of students understand Biology and life science concepts easily. You can see various free lectures to explain every life science concept in a simple way. Students can pass CSIR NET life science exams with the help of these lectures.

Apart from these lectures, this YouTube channel also tells you about Biology career jobs, salaries, bioinformatics basic courses, cell organelle, natural selection, and evolution.

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Biology is a branch of Science and the key to uncovering mysteries of the natural world. This post offers the best Biology YouTube channel for you and choose your favorite channel to explore the world of Biology.

Best Biology YouTube Channel for Biology Learners (2024)


Best Biology YouTube Channel for Biology Learners? ›

CrashCourse is probably one of the most popular YouTube channels for Biology content. The channel is run by two brothers, and their goal is to make learning fun and entertaining. They are known for their fast speaking abilities and their fun personalities, which shine in each video.

Where should I start learning biology? ›

Start with a broad overview such as a study of basic ecology. Once you have a macro-overview of living systems interacting with each other, the elements, and humanity, you start to narrow it down. What is life? Study micro-biological systems such as cell structure and physiology.

Which stream is best for biology? ›

The best courses after 12th biology include Medicine (MBBS), Biotechnology (B.Tech), Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Nursing (B.Sc Nursing), and Genetics (B.Sc/B.Tech).

How to study for biology 12? ›

Make learning a daily routine.

Repeat study over several shorter periods over different days. Study the material weekly, not just before tests. Leave plenty of time between study and self-testing so you're not just testing short-term memory and repeat until you know that you can always get them right.

Which is the easiest lesson in biology Class 12? ›

Which chapters are considered easiest in CBSE Class 12 Biology? The easiest chapters are Reproductive Health, Microbes in Human Welfare, Organisms and Populations, Biodiversity and Conservation, and Ecosystem.

What is the best way to memorize biology? ›

Flash cards are a really good way to help with memorization. Biology is full of illustrations and they can be really helpful when learning how all the different components of a cell work together. Redrawing, tracing, labeling, or printing out diagrams are all helpful when figuring out the application of each term.

What is the best way to teach biology? ›

7 Ways to Be an Even Better Biology Teacher
  1. Give your students time to think about what you are teaching. ...
  2. Make sure your lessons are inclusive of every student. ...
  3. Encourage students to raise their hand before they speak. ...
  4. Multiple hands, multiple voices. ...
  5. Set up a participation lottery. ...
  6. Around the class.

How can I learn biology content fast? ›

Study Strategies for Biology
  1. Make learning a daily routine.
  2. Flesh out notes in 24-48 hour cycle. “ ...
  3. Study to understand, not just to memorize words.
  4. Learn individual concepts before integrating it together.
  5. Use active study methods.​
  6. You need to test yourself frequently to truly gauge how much you comprehend.

How to study cell biology effectively? ›

Steps to studying Cellular Biology & Histology (in order)
  1. Go to class. Depending on how familiar you are with the material, you may choose not to go to class. ...
  2. Read a text.
  3. Make an outline of the lecture. ...
  4. Make flashcards. ...
  5. Review images. ...
  6. Do questions.


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