That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon (Mead Mishaps, … (2024)

A fantasy romcom with a feisty heroine and a demon? YAASSS
This was such a treat to read! I had just finished reading a few dark/angsty reads, so listening to this was a soothing balm to my soul🤣.

The book opens up with the Hero's Call Festival, honoring the goddess Myra who's been protecting people from "bad" demons for a looooong time. It all seems nice and fun until Cin/Cinnamon's (24) approached by a masked man trying to rob her. Now, I know what you're thinking... Cin should be afraid, and she should be... except she recognizes this man as Harper Huckabee, and SHE ends up chasing after him instead 🤣. In the middle of all this chasing, she hears groaning from the opposite side. Of course, being the benevolent person that she is, she goes to help this poor, struggling man. Little did she know, she's ACTUALLY helping a demon... and once he regains some strength back...

SHE'S the one that needs to run from HIM... 🤣

Lucky for her, this demon's running through the fields her family owns, a cinnamon field, and, well, cinnamon weakens demons😬. Phew... good... she survived😅 (for now 🤣).

But then this demon, Fallon (124), shows up at her parents' house and requests Cin to help him defeat Myva, the "goddess" that's really a lich (a necromancer). Why does he need her help? Because he can't get close enough to Myva's temple, which they need to do in order to destroy her goblets/chalices that she's been using to house her power against them, and Cin can do it. All she has to do is break them and her family will be safe from any harm since Fallon's claiming them...

If only there wasn't so much tension between them👀

What I loved: Potential spoilers
—the number of times I was LMAO 🤣🤣. Listen Linda... this was a breath of fresh air! I've read tons of fantasy/paranormal/monster romances in my life, and I can confidently say that NONE of them have ever made me laugh (OUT LOUD) like this book 🤣. Did I look like a crazy person driving around town or showering while giggling? You bet I did 🤣, and I don't even care😎. The first scene that had me cackling was the opening scene where she's being "robbed." Bahahaha, well the joke's on the robber since she ended up trying to rob HIM back after chasing him 🤣 (which is when she heard our poor Fallon groaning).

—CIN!!! She freaking cracked me up, but she also made me cry and feel her struggles/internal debates and her worries. I just loved her

—the🔥. It's on the slow-burn side (kissing and touching in the 30s%, 💦 exchanges at almost 60%, and full-on 🔥by 74%👀. Fallon purposely makes her wait, so when they finally do it, it's 🥵. Plus, he loves how she tastes 👀; can't get better than that😉🤷🏻‍♀️

—Fallon's dirty mouth🔥. Jeeeezus Christ this demon could cause a person suffering from low blood pressure to get a heart attack 🥵💦. Who'd have known that demons could spout such filth from their mouths 💦. I mean, he gets Cin to beg him 👀. If I were her, I'd be begging too 🙃😮‍💨

—CNC!!!! Sigh... when Fallon realizes Cin wants this, I almost expired on the spot 🥵💦

—Fallon's JPness 😈. Good thing he's all about marking his woman 😉. Gotta claim your territory 👀. Plus, I tend to love...

—OMD. It's brief, but it's there 👀 I love me a jealous MMC and Fallon was about to commit more murder 🤣

—the world-building. I enjoyed it; I found this easy to understand (unlike some more convoluted worlds I've read)

—umm... the side characters. First of all, Cin's family grows spices and her brothers' names are Cumin and Chili (they had another sister named Cherry who was killed😞), and her best friend's name is Brie and guess what kind of job her family does? LOL, they have a dairy farm and make cheese🤣. Like.. this is GOLD!!! 🤣 we have lots of other side characters which I adored

—how protective Fallon is. When Tyler Huckabee slaps Cin (ahem... after she hurled apples at him 👀), you best believe Fallon was ready to kill 💅 and he wasn't even there, but she's his... so don't be touching he🤷🏻‍♀️ 💅

—how swoony Fallon is too. Sigh... I mean, he washes muck out of Cin's hair 😭(if you’ve ever had your hair washed, you know how soothing this is), and then he officially falls for her when she kills an alligator that almost got to him. I mean, how can we not swoon? Plus, he vowed not to kill humans for her (unless they're rapists) and he resists 🥹...swoooooon😍

—earning 1000 points. Oh lawd... the fact that Fallon's down with earning 1000 points before she considers marrying him is commendable👀. He could easily take, but he doesn’t 🥹

—the versatility of Cin's dresses 👀. This girl has a whole store hidden; I need that 🤣 (I have a purse, but imagine how much you could store in your dress!!?)

—the shadow hands scene 🤣 bahahaha... my sides were hurting from laughing (actually, many scenes did this lol)

—nachos!!! 'nuff said 🤣 (also... Cin gives up her nachos to help the werewolf/Felix gain straight 🤣 SEE! So charitable and selfless 🥹)

—Cin saving the demons (Felix and Ambrose) before they were skinned made me love her even more 🥰

—a DRAGON?!? Yaaaasss 👏🏻

What I wanted more of
—more 🔥. Well, duhhhh 🤣 The tension was just so good!

—a proper epilogue😐. I mean, I'm not mad at it since there's a second book already out and a third one on its way, so I'm assuming we'll see more of Cin and Fallon, but STILLLLLLL!
ETA: the new release version doesn’t have a better epilogue 😒 it’s the same as before 😒 sigh

Overall, I loooved this!

⚠️safety squad ⚠️
-no cheating/sharing/owd
-mild omd- the h’s ex appears late in the book. The H’s jealous because OM calls her sweets 😬. The H takes care of him 💅
-memory of lost loved one
-slaves/maltreatment and whipping of them/selling of the pelts from werewolves
-neither are virgins/it’s been a while for her
-biting/marking/praise kink/typing up/CNC ish/breath play/spanking/light BDSM
-the H uses a rune to prevent pregnancy
-HEA/epilogue is only 3 months later

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon (Mead Mishaps, … (2024)


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