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glf Atlanta journal AND CONSTITUTION THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 1939 6 When You Play Bingo, You 11 Risk Becoming a Regular WE'VE MOVED From LOEHMAN'S PLAZA 2488 COBB PARKWAY across the street to The order CUMBERLAND SQUARE NORTH 2441 COBB PARKWAY 955-1 972 HOURS: Mon thru Sat. 9-6 The game pays the legal limit $1,100 a night in eight games. Four games pay $50, three pay $100 and the finale, a coverall, pays $600. Players risk at least $10 for a chance at the pot The $10 covers admission and two "books" of three bingo squares for each game. But most regulars pay more to get more of the books; the majority, Mr.

Lynch said, pay $20 for six books. Volunteer workers at the game also sell extra sheets of three squares for individual games, priced according to the prize sheets that, like the game cards in the books, are thrown away once each game is concluded and the winner is determined. For the finale, with its $600 prize, some players tape together 12 to 15 sheets in an effort to snare that one winning combination. Marked with brightly colored spots from "dobbers" wide- BINGO Continued on 17G ByJoeEarle StaffWriter A half-hour or so before the night's first number was due to bub-ble up from the bingo Jean Abernathy already was settled in to her regular spot at the back ta-; ble, cards set and waiting. She lives just across the street from American Legion Post 201 in Alpharetta, she said, so she usually comes over a bit early to stake out seats for herself and her friends.

A dozen minutes later, Mary Sutton and Bessie Munda joined her. They've been playing bingo together just about every Monday and Thursday night since the post ed holding games 11 years ago. "We've been sitting here for years," Mrs. Sutton said, laughing softly at the thought They're not the only regulars. Bingo nights draw about 100 players in Alpharetta, and often they are miliar faces.

"Bingo's a crowd all its, Your old Tiller is worth at least $105 Sutton said. On one Thursday night in February, 86 players gathered in the Wills Road post to mark their cards as caller S.R. Monroe pulled air-blown bingo balls from a glass-fronted container and read the numbers into the smoky air. There are 239 charitable groups in Georgia licensed to hold bingo games, said Frances P. Cobb, bingo coordinator for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which watches over the operation of the games.

Five of those charities, including the Alpharetta American Legion group, are in north Fulton, she said. The American Legion post started holding bingo the year it was legalized in Georgia as a charity fundraiser, Mr. Lynch said. At first, the game was a money-loser, he said, but now it raises roughly $75,000 a year for the post and its scholarship programs. "Bingo really is our basic source of income," he said.

James Albert Hicks and Nikki Lynne Jacobs. James Morris Holcombe and Florence Elizabeth Wilson. Richard Allen Jordan and Sally Lavorme Carter. Michael Lawrence Kentner and Rhonda Marie Spruill. Michael Scott Kilpatrlck and Angelia Renee McQuillan.

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I Richard Stuart Lomire and Sandra Louise I Johnson. Glenn Alan Looney and Rhonda Miller Wright. Bruce John Mancuso and Candace Marie Hale. Darryl Nathan Mann and Sherral Lynnette Bates. Gary E.

Matthews and Diana Abney Lacey. Charles Anthony McClearia and Angela Rennet Rainey. Robert McDaniel Jr. and Carolyn Harris Tolliver. Jerald Dale McVeay Jr.

and Christina C. Schamoeau. David Louis Montgomery and Lenora Audrette Knuckles. John Mark Morris and Shannon Leigh Sutton. Gerald Francis Murphy and Marietta CarlotaPadial.

David Gregory Nichols and Martha Leigh Wright. James Lewis Pasley Sr. and Betty Jo Gober. Gregory Alan Phelps and Barbara Lynn Martens. Christopher Steven Pope and Seretha Rena' Bennett.

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ZOWallStreet Cartersville.GA 1-3824819 tENIOR DULTS Come home to Morris Living Center for the best in quality retirementpersonal care living. 447 Atlanta St. Marietta, GA 30060 425-3988 at your TROY-BET Factory Store9! Trade-In your old, "backbreaker" tiller and well credit you a minimum of $105 toward a brand new TROY-BILT Tiller! That bone-jarring front end tiller you've hated for years could earn the down payment on a brand new TROY-BILT Roto Tiller! Your-rusty old, half-busted rotary mower is guaranteed to be worth $50, when you trade it in on a new self-propelled walk-behind. Mower and $100 off when trading in a Rear Engine Rider for a shiny new one! So hurry on down with your old equipment! This unique ujjerenasswm COBB'S NEIGHBORS own," said Gerald Lynch, post bingo chairman. And it's a dedicated crowd.

"We play just about every night, four or five nights a week," Mrs. Munda said. On the nights the Alpharetta Legion Post is dark, Mrs. Munda and Mrs. Sutton usually go to Roswell for bingo.

Others at the Alpharetta hall said they sometimes try games near Decatur or dimming. Some even travel now and then to South Carolina or Florida, where payoffs are higher, or hunt games while traveling to even more distant "Oh, we're going to find a bingo, even if we are on vacation," Mrs. Michael Marvin Clayton and Vanessa Joy Shropshire. Paul David Cooper and Ramona Anya Adams! Tommy Eugene Cooper and Melinda Leigh Ronald Edward Crawford and Letha Renee Turner. Timothy Craig Crawford and Charlotte Louise Bloom.

Nelson Matos Cruz and Marie Elliott. Jimmy Wayne Deal and Angela Maria Jones. Douglas Edward Deny and Katherine Anne Bryan. Amel F. Dioso and Victoria L.

Watkins. Adam Elbaum and Sandra Joy Stelmack. Stewart Thomas Ewing and Betty Lue Childree. Charles Herbert Ferguson and Dorothy Joan Porter. Fred Allen Goodson Jr.

and Cynthia DeniseAnglin. Jeffrey Scott Greene and Pamela Machelle Moore. William A. Griffith and Laurie Lou Ftotron. Charles Robert Haendel and Betty Ann Perez Thompson.

Jack Nelson Harmon and Lisa Henshaw. i David Allen Harris and Leigh Christine Kenneth R. Hartley and Lucinda Eubanks Weeks. Lists Are on Page 22G Melonia Cole v. Daniel M.

Cole. Nancy Louise Ambrozik v. Joseph John Ambrozik. Jane R. Smith v.

Glenn C. Smith. Jody B. Watkins v. Robin E.

Watkins. Rebecca Sigman Berry v. Arthur N. Berry III. Jean Bordeton Castellese v.

Jesse Frank Castellese, Kristy Renee Birmingham v. John Bryant Birmingham. William Curtis Cherry v. Pamela Sue Cherry. Shirley J.

Lyles v. Tony Wallace Jefferson Dye v. Mary Carol Dye. Robert Anthony Smallwood v. Danette Smalfwood.

Stephen Thomas Bagley v. Theresa Elaine Kenneth L. Graham v. Barbara Gail Graham. Mary T.

McMillian v. Larry McMillian. Christopher Richard Sagar v. Janet Elaine Bower. Will Kuepfer v.

Denise Simmons Kuepfer. Beverly Culpepper Brown v. Robert Karon Brown. Thelma Jean Campbell v. Richard Campbell.

Major J. Smith v. Shirley P. Smith. Jody LSpiveyv.

Lawrence H.Spivey III. Sung Won Lee v. Ki Chong Lee. William R. Townsend v.

Rebecca Telisa Townsend. Janice D. Wilkins v. Steve H. Wilkins.

Michele Brooer Gasque v. Richard Frieson Gasque. Louis A. Bertone v. Vemina A.

Bertone. James G. Gunderman v. Patricia S. Gunderman.

Juliame Joan Bailey v. Eugene Bart Bailey. Linda Sue Lewis v. Dennis Terrell Lewis. Laura Snellings Strickland v.

Donald Robert Strickland. Martha Dale Giddensv. AMn Dale Giddens. James E. Perkins v.

Zora Perkins. Patsy Ann Grider v. Danny Ray Grider. Jerome Monrow Emerson v. Patricia M.

Emerson. James L. Kerley III v. Martha Jean Kerley. Julie Moore Arasi v.

Anthony Arasl. Doreen Lynne Cooper v. Kirk John Cooper. 'Zl2Zz I UlSllWaSlierS From SQSL11 "fUll with purchase Special With This Ad Exp. Mar31, 1969 HOURS.

Weekdays 9t00om to 2744 S. Cobb Industrial Blvd. Smyrna, GA Fri. 9-7, Sat. 9-4 -404-433-2487 600-282-8965 FJIahriage Licenses ISSUED IN COBB These couplet were Issued marriage licenses In Cobb County Feb.

10-16: William Eugene Arnold and Susan Lisa Williams. Martin Nathaniel Astin and Kristen Elizabeth Orvis. Danny Keith Bailey and Cynthia Delia Smith. Robert Lewis Barkley and Robin Anne Brock. Marvin Nathan Blitz and Peggy Marlene Shulman.

Bruce Delarm Borah and Brenda Joyce Rector. Felton James Bowen and Marcella Kay Trollinger. Joseph Edwin Brown and Mary Alice Lavigne. Eric Lee Bruton and Judith Angela Bay. David Edwin Carroll and Karen Hope Creech.

Alan Scott Carver and Melissa Angela Gribble. Roy Delbert Choice Jr. and Ginger Saade Wynn. Business License, DUI 0IVORCE Filings IN COBB The following cases were filed hi Superior Court Sharole Goble Morgan v. Charles Richard Morgan.

Patti Ann Manske v. David M. Manske. Roland William Wilson v. Bonnie Jean SeaboH Wilson.

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